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Where do I start?
It shouldn’t be this hard to write about my daddy who passed away August 28th 2011.

There is so much I want to tell you besides
I love and miss you.
I just can’t find the right words to put on paper.
My mind goes blank.
The anxiety sets in.
Making it hard to breathe
I want this letter to be perfect
for you!
You loved me unconditionally
No matter what I did.
I put you through hell
And I am sorry.
Realizing how?
Hot-headed, Hard-headed, Mouth of the south, Know it all and Wore my heart on my sleeve in the end you saw…

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I want to say it was a Friday when I met you. Completely by accident, I was with a dear friend under the bleachers on the walkway. She was telling me how I looked earlier that day when the swing I was on broke in midair. We laughed about how I almost died.
You walked up out of nowhere.
The way your minds light up when you looked at me.
You needed to introduce yourself.
The middle of her going on. You were, so who’s this?
She laughed, apologizing as we introduced ourselves.

I peeked up, laughing I had an…

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As I remain outside working on my writing, sitting on my front steps facing highway 36, I undertake consideration of all the automobiles crossing back and forth.

I glance up from point to present, speculating if you’ve run by, maybe you sought my course without recognizing me remaining.

It’s tough not to miss you.

I shouldn’t marvel if you have run past. What you did to me was unfair by so many standards.

Why would you be like the other?

You’re no original from my old.

Disappeared, leaving you ´Gone With The Wind´.

You couldn’t indeed inform me of the…

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You are from my previous.

We never belonged to, we just hooked up.

I rough, we were buddies.

Why am I granting you to play me in the manner you proceed?

In my former and declaration, you disappeared saying nothing.

I’ve permitted you to infiltrate back every stage.

Indeed, when I realize the result will never diminish.

You create it as if I am an ancient toy, having it out when you’re bored.

Never had intended to have it around.

It turned into entertainment, pleasure and fun until you brought in a new one home.

Thus it moves to the…

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As I get ready for bed, my mind ponders.

The noise of the vehicles passing on the highway quiets down fading away, letting my mind take over.

I have lived in regret for a long, long time.

Letting the “ONE” get away from not telling him how I felt killed me.

I got on with my life, became a wife.

My husband had most of my heart and I loved him dearly. There was this emptiness still inside me as I didn’t feel complete.

Ended up putting a lock on part of my heart where I had regret.

I couldn’t…

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I am turning 21! I was legally the age to travel bars to buy beer. The old woman working the pub understood I was of age then. I was traveling since about 15. She realized I wasn’t she created this notice I laughed! I advised her all my comrades showed up in here I tag along were no stress; I love bar.

My spouse had arranged this party and invited most of our dearest friends and family members.

Everyone in that town has had a birthday party at the sole bar in that town. …

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How can I miss someone if I appear not to know them?

It’s strange he is the one and only man who can create my anxiety vanish.

Just by a basic text.

Can draw a laugh to me when I am suffering a terrible day.

The course he advises me I am

worth it and much more.

I let make of my past so I can see where our view advances.

My walls I have built up are steadily sliding down for an individual I never met face to face.

Takes time out of his frenetic schedule to request and…

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I carried out to squat down. The terms would flow out like melted butter on a homemade cookie. I could generate three or four blunt stories in 10 minutes. What’s awry with my commander. I glare at the edges in my diary and phrases run out, but nothing goes together! Am I cease working? Did I discover what desires to be composed?

I admit I am mentioning this I managen’t demand to be over. I do not want to suspend scribbling. …

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You are a rare find that came into my life.
See, my favorite sea shell is a Sand Dollar, but not the whole ones that people say are rare.
It’s the ones that are broken, I can piece the broken parts together making it the rarest one ever.
Being broken from a past that should have killed me.
Now I am coming to see I get to pick who grows with me.
I am enough and deserve the best.
That’s why God gave me YOU!
Just know I love you.
I will always pray for you to be blessed
Be by your side when you need me…


Went through HELL to become who I am today! Fuck everyone who made me second guess My Worth, because Damn It I am Enough!

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